About This Demo

About This Demo

Thank you for visiting the redSHOP Demo!

This demo is designed to show you one example of how redSHOP can be used. We've set up shop for a clothing store to highlight some of redSHOP's features. redSHOP can be used in virtually unlimited scenarios for selling products, subscriptions and services, and you can make it look however you wish using any number of existing templates, or by creating your own design. This is only one example, using a specific template. Check out the demo and see for yourself what a great shop redSHOP will allow you to present to your customers!

Demo Login

You can log in to this demo's administration area to check out redSHOP options and features HERE

Use the following to log in:

Administrator Username & Password

This admin login will allow full access to redSHOP administration, note however that some admin functionality has been removed for the purpose of protecting the demo. Functions that were removed were those related to configuration that could potentially break the demo.

Customer Username & Password

This user can be used to log in and go through the ordering process.

  • username: democustomer
  • password: democustomer

Contact Us!

Got a question about redSHOP, or find some problem in the demo? Feel free to drop us a message! Click on the red 'comment' icon found in the bottom right of any page of the demo to send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we are able. Usually that's within a few hours at most, Monday through Friday.